Monday, October 3, 2016


With the two grandsons in tow, ages 5 and 3, we decided it was time to try out this little pizza place which moved from Bolivar, where it was in business for 25 years, to the Strand area (intersection of Postoffice and 21st streets) after losing its venue to Hurricane Ike.

The interior is reminiscent of a Manhattan area hole-in-the wall pizza place with the exception of a giant cutout of the state of Texas in the colors of the Italian flag and a star indicating Galveston. This elicited questions from the 5 year old. We decided the message was "Texas loves Italy."

This is a great place to take the little ones. The waiter immediately brought a booster for the 3 year old and both boys were fascinated with the "flying pizzas". The kitchen is open so they could watch the dough being expertly tossed high in the air! The pizzas arrived quickly so no one got restless. And they were delicious--plain cheese for the boys and Mike's favorite Mama Meaty Pizza. I would love to try some of the other offerings--like Greek pizza, Tuscan Chicken or the Sombrero.

The menu is broader than pizza so you can indulge in traditional Italian fare if you like, but I just went with the pizza program Saturday night. Afterwards I recommend a short walk down Postoffice Street to Hey Mikey's Ice Cream. They have very small 2 ounce cups of ice cream just the right size for the little guys!

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