Friday, September 2, 2016

Review of Shy Katz Deli and Bakery

The word "bakery" tempted Mike and me to venture over to the Shy Katz Deli and Bakery for lunch. It's located in the East End residential area between Broadway and the Seawall and is clearly a popular spot for the neighborhood.

Inside the decor is eclectic/hippie/Christian and it's a good thing there is so much to look at on the walls because Shy Katz operates on Island Time. It's a very friendly and homey atmosphere.

Mike had soup and salad and reported the tomato basil soup was good but not as good as Sunflower Cafe's version and his egg salad and bacon sandwich was done well. I had their chicken salad sandwich on croissant since it is a speciality but found it too bland for my taste.

Bakery offerings are slim (a couple of different varieties of cupcakes, cake slices and scones) but looked good. We didn't try any on this trip in the interest of our waistlines, though. 

Breakfast is served all day and I think that is probably the place's strong suit after seeing what others were having and the interesting breakfast items on the menu. We will be back to try those.

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