Monday, September 26, 2016

Review of Waterman's Restaurant

So Mike and I left our comfort zone in Galveston's East End and drove to the West End to sample the offerings at Waterman's restaurant. Waterman's is right by the Galveston Country Club and is an older place with an awesome view of the sunset over Galveston Bay. The decor is Driftwood Chic.

What were the odds it was a seafood place? (100 to 1).

We seldom drink a cocktail but were intrigued by the Lafitte Splash, a rum/triple sec/fresh strawberry/lemonade concoction that was light and refreshing. I had their lobster bisque which reminded me of Gaido's Watkins bisque but more lobster-forward and Mike had their gumbo which was dark and just as it should be.

My entree was the Southwest Snapper which is coated with tortilla crumbs and topped with lump crab, pico de gallo and avocado. Delicious and perfectly cooked! Mike seems to be on a fry-kick so he had fried shrimp which were chicken-fried style with a substantial coating but he pronounced them excellent.

It was well worth the drive down the island--funny how it seems a long way when you are in Galveston but you would think nothing of it in Houston!

UPDATE: This weekend we recommended Waterman's to friends who were in Galveston. They tried it and liked their fish entrees, but Jenny, who is a self-confessed creme brûlée snob, thought their version was too watery

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