Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Old Moon Deli and Pies

Duty called once more when Mike and I spotted a new lunch place on  408 23rd (near Market Street) on the Island: Old Moon Deli and Pie. It's only open for lunch 11 am to 3 pm so we stopped by today for a bite.

Old Moon is in a narrow space in one of Galveston’s old buildings and it has an upstairs loft and a few tables downstairs near the counter. How to describe the decor? Kind of Nautical with kinda freaky artwork of people with animal heads? That’s the best I can do.

We both had the Turkey club sandwich panini style which featured turkey, bacon, spring mix, Monterrey jack cheese and fig spread. Excellent. Most outstanding are the homemade fruity lemonades—I had the blueberry and Mike had the strawberry. There was also plain lemonade and mango lemonade on offer today.

Oh the pies! About 10 different choices ranging from cheesecake style to cream and custard pies and of course fruit pies were listed on the daily menu. Normally Mike would have been all over the pies, but since he’s getting too close to full poundage (and I’m not so far behind. Ahem.) he courageously declined to order one. 

We hope to shed a few pounds and return to try the pies. And when we do, I’ll report back.

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