Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two-fer Review: Galveston Water Adventures and Fika Coffee Shop

We spent an extended pre-Fourth of July weekend with Averill and her family and kept Graham (6) and Jamie (4) Saturday evening so their parents could have a date night. What better way to entertain them than to go dolphin watching?

Mike and I signed up for the 5 pm cruise of the bay with Galveston Water Adventures and we had a blast! The boys loved seeing the port from the water, the ferry, the departure of a giant cruise ship AND dolphins. One dolphin jumped in the air in front of Graham who exclaimed "I saw the whole dolphin!" and then it slapped the water with its tail as it dove down. Jamie was so distracted by the cruise ship that he missed the dolphins, but didn't care. 

The trip was one hour and the crew was friendly and informative. Its a simple but family friendly tour--they offer some soft drinks and water bottles for sale but that's it. The boat is open-air with a canopy roof to give shade which was much appreciated. The boys want to do it again so SCORE!

Fika Java and Juicery is a small family run coffee and fresh pressed juice shop on University (6th Street) near the Seawall and UTMB. The name "fika" means coffee in Swedish and is a tribute to the Swedish grandmother of the young woman who is one of the owners. 

Averill and I went Monday--buying cold brew coffee for ourselves and juices for the boys that included matcha, hemp seeds, charcoal (yes really), chocolate and kale in addition to cherries and peaches. Tasty enough that the boys drank them and were none the wiser!

We plan to return to sample their homemade pastries and  interesting paninis. Supporting local businesses is always a good thing! If you are on the east end of the island, stop by Fika and try it for yourself.

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